Our Goal

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Our Members

Enthusiastic learner and problem-solver, fueled by a curiosity for the unknown. Creative soul navigating life's adventures with an open heart and a love for storytelling. A tech enthusiast with a passion for innovation and a knack for turning ideas into reality. Nature lover, constantly seeking tranquility in the great outdoors and the beauty of simplicity. A coffee connoisseur and bibliophile who finds solace in the world of words and warm beverages. Aspiring chef experimenting in the kitchen, blending flavors and creating culinary delights. Fitness enthusiast on a journey to conquer personal goals and embrace a healthy lifestyle. Globe-trotter with a suitcase full of dreams, exploring the world one destination at a time. A music aficionado, finding inspiration and rhythm in the melodies that shape my day. Advocate for positivity, spreading good vibes and encouraging a life filled with laughter and joy.

ساجد انوار

Country Head (Chairman of PHF)

Nasir Ali

Area leader (Senior Associate Member of NHAP)

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We are National Hostel Association of Pakistan.

A non-profit organization. The hostel owners community named as National Hostels Association of Pakistan

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